The drops for potency the Hammer of Thor - Titan Gel and Hammer of Thor
The drops for potency the Hammer of Thor

The drops for potency the Hammer of Thor

Good day, today I decided to talk about the male sexual health, or rather about sexual problems. The drugs for the improvement of sexual potency are now taken not only by many men aged 45 years and older, but also by the young guys who have not even reached 25-27 years of age. There are many reasons for weakening sexual activity, ranging from stress and fatigue (both mental and physical), ending with lack of sleep, etc.

The failure in bed for many men is like a nightmare. Panicking, they often start to take drugs to enhance erection, ignoring the recommendations of the manufacturer and not taking into account the presence of contraindications. The result is often the opposite of what they’d hoped for. To all men facing even a slight decrease in sexual power, I recommend to avoid heavily advertised drugs for potency, and instead choose the drops the Hammer of Thor. I also recommend them in the following cases:

  •  Unstable erection;
  •  Premature ejaculation;
  •  Low sperm count;
  •  Weak dull orgasm;
  •  Low sex drive.

The advantages of the drops the Hammer of Thor

As a doctor, I know better than others that increasing male potency with drugs 100% of chemical origin doesn’t always have beneficial effect on health in general. Sometimes it happens that the male potency is restored, but other health problems appear. The drops the Hammer of Thor don’t have side effects on a weakened body, they use only natural ingredients. They include components of plant and animal origin. In particular, the drops contain: extract from periwinkles (invertebrate molluscs), Cladonia rangiferina extract (northern moss), extract from the liver of sea devil (fish), extract of Antarctic krill.

Fish and shellfish are found only in the waters off the coast of Norway, the northern moss grows only in this Scandinavian country. Needless to say that all these components are clean. According to many doctors and men who have tried various drugs, this is the best drug to enhance potency. In addition to the natural composition, another advantage is the absence of contraindications. I recommend it to men of all ages, even to the youngest. It’s important to notice the drops the Hammer of Thor can be safely combined with other drugs.

How to enhance the potency? The feedback of my patients confirms that the drops the Hammer of Thor are the best!

I’ve been studying the problem of potency and looking for the best solution to this problem since the beginning of my medical practice. While studying modern drugs to enhance erection, I have often found they have significant disadvantages. Only the drops the Hammer of Thor convinced me that a truly effective and safe way to restore male power exists.

I tested the effect of the drops on myself. I can say that my sexual drive doesn’t decrease even when I’m dead tired. I’m also happy with the patient reviews. None of them has been so far disappointed by this product. After having tried many dietary supplements to increase potency without achieving the expected results, my patients thank me for recommending the drops the Hammer of Thor!

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